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Create a balanced nutrient package for your crops with our Fertiliser options from the Macrofertil range.


We can provide competitively priced nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, Sulphate of Ammonia (SOA) mono-ammonium phosphate

(MAP) and di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) directly to your farm.

Through our partnership with Macrofertil, we can also order tailored fertiliser blends created to match the yield potential, crop variety and soil test results of your farm. This ensures the exact nutrients are supplied at the most economical price.

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We take care of your broadacre and pasture seed needs at Yerecoin Traders. From cereals to canola to legume seed varieties, we access supply partnerships with all leading breeders and suppliers via David Grays Aglink to bring you high quality seed when you need it. 

When dealing with us, you can be assured you are accessing the latest advances in seed technology to help you achieve the best returns in the field.

Access the seeds that give your crops the best chance – enquire now.

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